Sisters Wedding

Wedding photography has never really been my specialty. That being said how could I say no to my sweet sister and her awesome new husband.

Shooting for this special moment in my sisters life was a great challenge that moved me away from my normal go to subject matter. It stretched me to contemplate about how I could create something beautiful that they would keep as a lifetime memory and something that still kept my flavour of photography involved.

Overall I am pretty pleased with the results and most of all happy to see my sister and her new husband happy.

Tennis Courts and Abandoned Barns

The hot hot heat of mid summer has definitely overtaken the Fraser Valley. Its been so hot that if I set my phone down in the sun for more than 5 minutes it overheats and immediately needs shade.

Of course this leads a couple of friends and myself out into the most non shaded areas you could be in. A tennis court to skate a flat bar and the farmland of Ladner on blazing hot motorcycles.

These locations are definitely less than ideal to shoot photos in with the harsh shadows and boiling highlights. Still I felt it necessary to pack my Fuji x20 with me to get some stills. I needed a break from shooting film as it was starting to break the bank a bit and I also felt my digital was feeling a bit neglected. I also believe that I was unconsciously trying to challenge my self by shooting in the mid day sun which is one of the most undesirable natural lighting conditions. Most of the time I was seeking out shade for photos more so than a break from the heat. Luckily a tree in the tennis court and an abandoned barn helped me with what I was seeking. That being said I still strove to work the harsh shadows as best I could.

It almost feels like I amassed less photos I was excited about with my digital then I would  with a film camera. Should I just scrap shooting digital unless I really need to or its a paid shoot? Possibly.