Portra 4 Ya

The famous Kodak Porta 400. Again another first-time use of a professional 35mm film.

There is much that is said about the enviable tones of this $12 roll. I have to say it is quite the treat to shoot on. The people who talk Portra up so much are not lying. Thankfully I have friends that do cool and weird things that make for great pictures.

This roll is great for portraits and capturing accurate skin tones. Its dynamic range makes enables you to shoot for the shadows. Aka overexpose your meter reading by a stop or so that way your shadows retain great detail. The highlights tend to retain a lot of information even when they are slightly overexposed.

Next time I buy Portra it will be in bulk not just one roll. Say bye bye to the $$ and hello to an extremely focused shooting style. The price point definitely forces me to savor my shots and really pay attention to them which I believe is great for developing the photographic eye.

Whats your feelings on Portra? do you love it? or hate how "cool" it is to use?