First Rolls on the G6

I'm gathering quite the collection of old film cameras. One of the latest is a 1960's Fujica G690 6x9 camera. Its a heavy medium format rangefinder with a 60mm lens (28mm equivalent).

I shot a few different types of rolls on this camera to start with. I really took to the E6 slide films. The colors were rendered beautifully and its amazing to the see the positive film strip after development. While the dynamic range wasn't as good as the typical c-41 film, it did provide more sharpness and a vivid color treatment.

Operating the G690 was a bit of a challenge. Its big and its heavy so subtly taking street photos of people is hard. That being said the rangefinder is quite bright and the image overlay to align focus is easy to use.  The minimum f-stop of f8 limits your low light capabilities and depth of field. That being said, it does make it easier to keep everything you want in focus sharp. 

Personally, I am in love with the quality of medium format, especially with slide film. My latest batch of the film for this camera is going to entirely slide. All this camera made me want to do is keep moving up in format size. Now I am lusting for a Large format behemoth to haul around. I also wouldn't mind picking up a portrait lens for this camera so I can get some nice portraits and some shallow depth of field shots.

Drop a comment on what Medium format cameras are your fav's or some 120mm film you would reccomend!